FY24 UP-Perinatal Patterns in High-Risk Infants

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Project Abstract Although there are several high-risk and high-cost pediatric patient populations amongst Medicaid recipients there are relatively few studies that specifically focus on trends in healthcare utilization, distribution and variabilities in services, and interactions of key demographic and/or disease state variables. This project, and its precursor project, is designed to utilize already accrued Medicaid claims data to investigate patterns for three specific but overlapping high-risk infant groups: those born prematurely, those born after prenatal drug exposure(s), and those with congenital heart abnormalities/birth defects. We will Investigate these three at risk infant populations in underserved communities through urban and rural settings through the pandemic time period 2017-2021. We already have the data from 2017- 19, and in this application ask for the same types of data-extractions for more recent years. We also ask for the opportunity to explore connections between mother predictors and baby outcomes. We will also explore cost reducing strategies including utilization of telehealth services to identify early indicators of high-risk births to reduce high cost transportation. In our preliminary investigations we have identified several important insights regarding these populations; please see our final report also recently provided to the agency. Our research program and our research data analytics team are well positioned to continue our investigations using this premium data source and look forward to continuing our progress and relationship building. Our presentation of the progress thus far was met with substantial enthusiasm in the venues we have shared our findings and we hope to continue on this path to learn from available data to improve the care of the children of KY.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/24


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $140,051.00


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