Gateway Community Data Analysis

Grants and Contracts Details


Michele Staton at the University of Kentucky Department of Behavioral Science will act as a Data Consultant working closely with GCSO program administrators and staff to ensure the identified key short and long-term project outcomes are met for the New Pathways Program through collaboration on performance measure and data analysis. GCSO staff will lead the Continuous Quality Improvement Team, collect required data, and input into the grant specified data collection system (nForm). The consultant will be responsible for providing direction on data to be collected, in addition to the program requirements; formulating questions, identifying data, analyzing data, and providing input on refining and improving the program to ensure project goals and objectives are accomplished: - GCSO and the UK Consultant affirm a commitment to document, store and report on performances using the full set of measures provide by ACF and using nFORM and the ACASI online applicant characteristics and pre- and post-tests.
Effective start/end date9/30/199/29/20


  • Gateway Community Services Organization: $10,000.00


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