GEMINI: A GENI Measurement and Instrumentation Infrastructure

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To make it easy for users to add an I&M system to their experiments, we will build on, and enhance, the INSTOOLS software that is being developed at the University of Kentucky. The INSTOOLS software automates the process of deploying I&M insfrastructure into a user's slice while at the same time tailoring the deployment to the characteristics of the slice. The INSTOOLS software acts as a framework by which writers of I&M tools can automatically deploy their custom measurement tools as part of the I&M infrastructure. In that sense, one can view the INSTOOLS software as the glue that connects the underlying control framework with the components that comprise the measurement system (e.g., perfSONAR). In order to dynamically deploy a slice-specific instrumentation and measurement infrastructure, the INSTOOLS software must be able to understand and interact with the control framework that created the slice. To that end, we will modify and enhance the INSTOOLS software to integrate with multiple control frameworks. The current INSTOOLS software is implemented using the ProtoGENI API which we will modify and enhance to work with the the Omni API, thereby creating the ability to dynamically instrument slices from other control frameworks. Perhaps more importantly, we plan to leverage the proposed GENI global registry to discover and interoperate with resources from several different control frameworks. Milestones: ----------- Year 1: Extending and enhancing the INSTOOLS software to better tailor the offered measurement services at slice creation time. Year 2: Enhance INSTOOLS to utilize UNIS topology information. Year 3: Integrate INSTOOLS into Control Framework operations.
Effective start/end date10/1/119/30/14


  • Indiana University: $252,703.00


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