Generating 1:100,000 Scale Geologic Maps from Digital 1:24,000 Geological Quadrangle Maps for Kentucky

  • Anderson, Warren (PI)

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Kentucky's Smart Growth Task Force was created to develop models for the intelligent use of resources, which are essential for future development and prosperity of growth centers in the state. During the next decade, two major transportation developments will impact Kentucky. Two new interstate transportation corridors are planned across south central (I-66) and western (I-69) Kentucky and will affect areas in each of the two subprojects. Digital geologic and land use planning maps will be of great importance during these developments. Kentucky has also been a leading coal-producing state, but at the same time, concerns about the hydrologic and environmental impacts of mining activities (slurry ponds) necessitate the analysis of these data in the context of the surrounding landscape. Allareas of Kentuckyalso experience risks from a variety of geologic hazards including earthquakes, landslides, foundation problems, flooding, and karst collapse features. Karst terranes are abundant in Kentucky and adequate protection of the groundwater resouces are a priority in future development. Easy access to digital geological map data (Figure 3) will provide developers, planners, disaster and emergency service personnel, the critical information needed for land use decisions where seismic hazards, transportation, coal, mineral and land development, natural resource use and land conservation may be in conflict.
Effective start/end date4/15/034/14/04


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