Genomic Selection for Improved Fertility of Dairy Cows with Emphasis on Cyclicity and Pregnancy

  • Amaral-Phillips, Donna (PI)

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DAIReXNET is the dairy community of practice within the eXtension effort. DAIReXNET strives to deliver national extension programming for the dairy industry which transcends traditional methods of information delivery and state/regional borders. DAIReXNET was launched in October 2007 and continues to expand cutting]edge, peer reviewed educational materials offered. This national, extension]driven web resource was developed using the latest in Web 2.0 technologies and is designed to meet the educational and decision]making needs of dairy producers, allied industry partners, extension educators and consumers throughout the US and across the world. Through collaboration amongst dairy professionals, relevant, cutting]edge information and learning opportunities are provided which are science]based and peer]reviewed in a format accessible 24/7. Informational resources
Effective start/end date1/1/1311/30/15


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