Geochemical Sampling of Rare Earth Element-enriched High-Alumina Underclay Deposits in the Central and Eastern US

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ABSTRACT The Kentucky Geological Survey will coordinate a sampling effort to support the national priority geochemical reconnaissance of rare earth element-enriched high-alumina underclay deposits in the central United States. For this project, the KGS will organize, coordinate and execute a program to collect 600 samples of coal-bed underclay deposits in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. Samples will be collected to maximize the stratigraphic and geographic distribution of samples, and to facilitate cross-project comparison with other similar rare-earth- element projects. KGS personnel will sample outcrops, mines, rock cores, and utilize archived sample splits from previous studies. KGS will also coordinate with personnel from other state geological surveys to acquire samples from those states. Samples will be shipped to an external lab for analysis; analyses are funded through a separate budget.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/23


  • US Geological Survey: $75,000.00


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