Geologic Mapping along the transylvania Fault Zone in the Appalachian thrust Belt in Pennsylvania

  • Thomas, William (PI)

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The Everett West quadrangle, Pennsylvania, is in the Appalachian Valley and Ridge province, which is characterized by north-northeast striking folds and thrust faults in Paleozoic strata. In the quadrangle, the regionally extensive, westerly striking Transylvania fault zone (including the Everett Gap fault) crosses the strike of the Appalachian thrust-related structures at a high angle. The proposed project is to map the Appalachian structures and the Everett Gap cross fault. The stratigraphic succession includes numerous lithologically distinct formations, which will enable detailed mapping of many formation contacts along fold limbs and on opposite sides of the cross fault. The geologic map will provide a framework for construction of structural cross sections to illustrate the three-dimensional geometry of structures in the thrust sheets on opposite sides of the cross fault.
Effective start/end date5/15/078/31/08


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