Georgia Division of Public Health Behavioral Surveillance

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The scope of work will include the oversight of all data collection activities (we will collect data from approximately 800 men). This oversight will occur through relatively constant contact with the Project Director (Ben Hadsock) and his assistant (Damian Denson). He will be monitoring the accumulating data file and the filed records to assure that the project is being conducted according to the prescribed protocols and that data collection is proceeding in a timely and efficient manner. To ensure quality of data collection and its' management, he will also conduct a site visit once every 60 days. This visit will include field supervision of the data collection process as well as monitoring of the procedures used to transfer the data to the State and to file reports with CDC. Finally, his oversight will involve periodic phone conferences with the staff and he will continue to function as a source of staff supervision, hiring, and as a person who intervenes in staff-related issues. It should also be noted that this scope of work includes 2 additional duties: I) He will be available to work directly with the PI from the State (Dr. Luke Shouse) and 2) He will analyze the collected data and prepare several manuscripts for publication. At! Eq
Effective start/end date3/1/049/30/04


  • Emory University: $11,898.00


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