Georgia Division of Public Health Behavioral Surveillance

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Will develop operational protocols for the collection of qualitative and quantitative data in a study of HIV risk among people who inject drugs. He will assure that the research staff is adequately trained to conduct face-to-face interviews with injections drug users and that a safety protocol is developed and followed at all data collection events. Dr. Crosby will assist the Project Director in the development of a protocol designed to test subjects for HIV infection. He will also create study protocols to meet the demands of institutional review boards and he will assist the PI (Dr. Holtgrave) with the submission of these applications (and modifications) to the IRBs. Also, he will provide oversight of staff performance and maintain weekly (sometimes daily) phone contact with the Project Director. He will consult with the study PI at least once a week and he will make 3 trips to Atlanta each year for the purposes of observing staff, evaluating staff, and reviewing study records. He will also provide direct oversight of all data management and he will engage in data analysis as needed. Ultimately, Dr. Crosby will be responsible for the creation of 3 manuscripts that will report findings from this study.
Effective start/end date10/1/046/30/06


  • Emory University: $37,675.00


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