Global Alzheimer's Platform Trial-Ready Cohort for Preclinical/Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease

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This is a large multi-site study for the development of a large, well-characterized, biomarker-confirmed, trial-ready cohort to facilitate rapid enrollment into AD prevention trials utilizing feeder registries into the APT Webstudy and subsequent referral to in-clinic evaluation and biomarker confirmation. Participants with known biomarker status may have direct referral to the trial-ready cohort. Objectives: 1. To build an efficient and sustainable recruitment system in order to enroll an initial TRC-PAD Cohort. 2. To optimize an innovative, adaptive risk algorithm to efficiently identify the most appropriate trial participants. 3. To develop and validate web-based cognitive and functional outcome measures for future clinical trials.
Effective start/end date5/15/184/30/24


  • University of Southern California: $41,475.00


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