Globalizing Agricultural Education: Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development

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This three-year integrated research, instruction, and outreach project builds upon the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture’s (COA) long-time partnership with the University of Lampung and Syiah Kuala University in Indonesia. The project aims to enhance the curricula of agricultural education at the secondary and post-secondary levels and agricultural education programs conducted by community organizations (e.g., 4H, FFA). To achieve this aim, three groups of agricultural educators will be trained in international agriculture- and foodrelated issues and global perspectives through two overlapping steps. First, to increase the number of undergraduate courses with the international content, faculty members in the COA will develop five on-line learning modules of global agriculture and food on: (1) Regulations and Certifications in International Trade, (2) Food Safety and Health, (3) Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management, (4) Local Community Development, and (5) World Hunger and Food Justice. Second, besides the COA curricula, these learning modules will be also incorporated into a professional development program for agricultural education teachers and community agricultural educators, titled “KyAg: Growing Global Ideas.” Scholars from our partner universities in Indonesia will provide their expertise in training these agricultural educators in global perspectives. At the end of each project year, a study tour to Indonesia will be organized to participate in an experiential short course developed by faculty members of the University of Lampung. Through the implementation of the proposed activities, the project team will examine the experiential learning processes by or through which agricultural educators acquire global awareness and global competence.
Effective start/end date8/1/107/31/14


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $150,000.00


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