GOALI: Nanoscale Printing and Machining using Electron Beams in Liquids

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Nearly all nanomanufacturing processes with industrially relevant throughput require the replication of master templates (molds, masks, etc.) at some point. As a result, three specific barriers to manufacturability demand new solutions: (1) rapid prototyping before committing to a production template, (2) repair of template errors and defects both before and during production, and (3) product debugging and trimming before committing to revised templates. Focused electron-beam induced processing (FEBIP) could meet these needs if the available materials, purity, and throughput were not limited by the associated gas-phase reactants. The proposed GOALI research effort introduces new processes and integration methods based on focused electron-beam induced deposition and etching in bulk liquids. This effort will yield deeper understanding of the physical and chemical mechanisms governing liquid-phase FEBIP while establishing a foundation of process and materials knowledge that can be applied to nanomanufacturing applications such as lithographic mask and imprint template repair, integrated circuit debugging, and rapid prototyping of nanoscale devices.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/19


  • National Science Foundation: $316,000.00


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