Going to the Farm-acy: The Effect of CSA-Backed Produce Prescriptions on Eating Behaviors and Health Outcomes in Rural Kentucky

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This project seeks to grow CSA marketing opportunities for direct market farmers by documenting improved health choices among new shareholders subsequent to enrolling in a CSA. This study is a collaboration between a pilot group of CSAs in Kentucky, rural hospitals, health and wellness programs of area organizations, health insurance providers, and Kentucky Highlands as the lead agency for the Promise Zone in Kentucky. The project consists of three stages – an ex post survey of healthy consumption changes from existing CSA shareholders near the area, a healthy consumption behavior change comparison between a consumer group “prescribed” a shareholder program by rural hospitals and a control group, followed by a feasibility evaluation and extension plan both for CSA growers and wellness plan cooperators within the Promise Zone. The project results will provide a much needed benefit-cost evaluation for wellness programs and the health care community as they promote CSAs to their at-risk clients. A favorable outcome of this study could lead to substantial expansion of demand for CSAs for growers generally, and provide insight for expansion strategies into the Promise Zone specifically. This is a two year project with the goal of starting September 30, 2014 and ending September 30, 2016.
Effective start/end date9/30/149/29/16


  • Agricultural Marketing Service: $96,512.00


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