Grant Writing: Promoting Health Equity in Underserved Populations Across the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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PROJECT ABSTRACT Kentucky Office of Rural Health PI- Ernie L. Scott Promoting Health Equity in Underserved Populations Across the Commonwealth of Kentucky Description The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH), Office of Health Equity (OHE) is requesting the assistance of the Kentucky Office of Rural Health (KORH) to assist in the promotion of the funding opportunity: Promoting Health Equity in Underserved Populations Across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The funding opportunity is designed to ensure that all marginalized and vulnerable populations receive equitable access to healthcare services to optimize Kentuckian’s health outcomes and reduce healthcare system barriers. Barriers to optimal care may be mitigated by understanding co- morbidity exacerbation, and other social determinants of health that impact health outcomes through education, outreach, and community engagement using best practices and evidenced based tools and interventions, with the intent of improving overall health outcomes across the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Office of Rural Health will provide promotion of the funding opportunity through a menu of services to include: • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS (Idea/creative generation, creation of posts, approval of posts by state partners, posting) --Create at least 6 different posts whose use could be alternated across months • PRESS RELEASES AND MEDIA MANAGEMENT (Write press releases announcing grant and office-sponsored events to support the grant, seek approval from state partners, distribute) --A minimum of 2-3 press releases written and circulated with media outlets throughout Kentucky • GRANT PROMOTION ON CONSTANT CONTACT (Write grant and event announcements, distribute) --A minimum of 2-3 announcements written and distributed via the office’s e-mail marketing channel (messages to be included in Weekly Update and/or as standalone messages sent to entire list) --Grant events to be added to Weekly Update calendar of events --Grant to be added to Weekly Update funding opportunities listing • ADDITIONAL COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES (Editing slides for grant presentations, etc.) • FINDING FUNDING IN KENTUCKY – -- Promoting the Office of Health Equity’s RFA during the monthly Finding Funding in Kentucky webinar. Providing links and information during and/or after the webinar to all parties, especially those interested in the RFA. • CONDUCTING GRANT WRITING WEBINAR – --To conduct an Office of Health Equity specific grant writing webinar that solely focuses on the Office of Health Equity’s RFA and informs the participants about how to apply, the necessary forms to be completed, and the necessary steps that need to be taken to work with the state. • ONE-ON-ONE TECHNICAL GRANT WRITING ASSISTANCE --Preparation and review of grant writing assistance to individual organizations seeking TA for their grant proposal. -Additional preparation and development of webinars as needed for additional services. • COORDINATION OF SERVICES WITH KENTUCKY CABINET FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE OF HEALTH EQUITY on instructions for Health Equity RFA services OHE was awarded a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant, National Initiative to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities Among Populations at High-Risk and Underserved, Including Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations and Rural Communities. The intended outcome of the grant is to reduce pandemic related health disparities, improve equitable access to testing, and increase vaccine uptake in coordination with 501(c)3 non- profits, non-traditional partners, community-based and faith-based organizations, quasi- governmental organizations, and government entities.
Effective start/end date11/16/226/30/23


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $14,000.00


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