Grape and Winery Contracting and supply Chain Management

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This project seeks to provide grape grower and winery education in Kentucky on contracting, as well as encourage industry stratefic planning toward improved information exchange on local supply and demand. The project further seeks to conduct local direct market consumer and wholesaler surveys to establish best marketing practices with planning implications for both growers and wineries. Workshops will be provided to growers in connection with the annual KY Grape and Wine Council meetings. The industry strategic planning efforts will be pursued through the monthly meetings of the KGWC industry leaders. The marketing research will be conducted through the UK Food Systems Innovation Center. The majority of wineries are integrated farm wineries with a significant amount of on-farm sales linked with toutism. Visitors will be surveyed to identify key demand issues with implications for growers and winery marketing plans. Wholesalers also are playing an increasing role in distirbution and will be surveyed separately.
Effective start/end date7/1/1212/31/13


  • University of Arkansas: $44,132.00


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