GROW: A National Response to the Herbicide-Resistant Weed Epidemic

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Title: GROW: A national response to the herbicide-resistant weed epidemic Abstract: The overall goal of this project is to develop and regionally adapt precision integrated weed management systems for corn, soybean, and cotton producers. Many growers are interested in adopting cover crops for weed management, though there are trade-offs with their use. Later- terminated cover crops generally provide better weed suppression and take up more soil water. The latter is beneficial when the soil is wet, potentially drying out soil for better planting conditions. However, it is disadvantageous in dry springs. Moreover, planting can be more difficult with later- terminated cover crops. The University of Kentucky will participate in on-station field research trials that examine tradeoffs between planting into a green, living cover crop (“planting green”) versus brown, terminated cover crops on weed/herbicide interactions and water stress in soybeans.
Effective start/end date8/25/228/24/24


  • Agricultural Research Service: $30,000.00


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