Growing Access to Mitigation in High Radon Rural Communities Using a Novel Business Development Approach

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Kentucky leads the nation in lung cancer. Despite high radon risk potential in Kentucky, less than 1% of Kentucky homes test for radon annually and mitigation rates are unknown. In addition to low radon testing, there is a chronic lack of access to certified radon measurement and mitigation professionals especially in rural areas. We are fortunate to have a newly funded research project that combines public health and geology, Radon on the RADAR (Residents Acting to Detect and Alleviate Radon) to increase home radon testing in four rural Kentucky counties. Over 5 years, we anticipate a total of 6,460 radon tests in the four counties. We anticipate an increase in demand for radon mitigation, yet there are few certified radon measurement and mitigation professionals serving these four counties. The purpose of the project is to increase access to certified radon measurement and mitigation professionals in rural communities using a novel approach to business development. As a radon measurement and mitigation business in a rural community is not likely to subsist on its own, we will target professionals who reside in and/or who currently service the community, such as HVAC or home construction professionals. We will partner with community organizations and use word-of-mouth to identify and recruit two individuals, one in each of two rural Kentucky counties, to become AARST-NRPP certified in radon measurement and mitigation. A potential benefit to this business development approach is that the individual will be imbedded in the rural community and will have connections with organizations, businesses, and banks which assist low-income, rural residents in making home repairs. The CRCPD grant funding will support two selected individuals to complete: 1) virtual training in the Midwest University’s Radon Consortium-Kansas State University Measurement and Mitigation program; 2) a field session with the Kentucky Association of Radon Professionals in Louisville, KY; and 3) the AARST-NRPP radon measurement and mitigation exams. This project will meet the anticipated demand for radon mitigation to those with elevated home radon in two rural counties by increasing access to certified radon measurement and mitigation professionals. We will evaluate the process for identifying, selecting, and training radon professionals by using key informant interviews to assess feasibility and how well the individual integrated radon measurement and mitigation into their business plan. Each year (short-term) and over 5 years (long-term), we will track the number of mitigations requested and performed by the two individuals as a result of increased testing in rural communities participating in the 5-year Radon on the RADAR study.
Effective start/end date10/1/178/15/21


  • Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Incorporated: $4,150.00


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