Growing Young Conservation Leaders and Natural Resource Career Exploration

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Recruiting and retaining qualified foresters is a challenge across all state agencies and discussions surrounding this topic has been at the forefront for some time. Kentucky has had a limited intern/career exploration opportunities but this project will facilitate creation or expansion of these programs to create increased interest in the unique career opportunities offered by forestry agencies. Diverse youth, ranging from high school to college, will be recruited to participate in multiple natural resource focused areas as interns within the University of Kentucky. The project will support a focused transition to a vocational or college degree while honing their interest, knowledge, skillsets and application around natural resource-based fields. These youth leaders will receive training that enables them to support forestry agency functions and ultimately recruiting future natural resource professionals.
Effective start/end date9/1/199/30/22


  • KY Division of Forestry: $60,000.00


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