Gut-to-Brain Circuit Contributions to Parkinson-Like Phenotypes in Non-Transgenic Rodent and Primate Animal Models

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Statement of Work (ASAP PD grant) Grant Title: Gut-to-brain circuit contributions to Parkinson-like phenotypes in non-transgenic rodent and primate animal models As part of the Co-Leadership team on the above-titled grant application, I will contribute intellectual capital to development of the project. Specifically, I will coordinate and oversee aspects of the project related to testing how spiny mice react to PD-related insults. This may require obtaining training and reagents from Dr. Gradinaru’s group and thus my postdoc and I may travel to Caltech to acquire additional expertise. I will manage and work with a postdoctoral associate who will perform the animal experiments, collect data and analyze the results. My lab has developed the spiny mouse model of composite tissue regeneration and we will apply our knowledge of regeneration to neurodegeneration. Because we maintain an active breeding colony of spiny mice, we will age animals for the proposed work and thus I have included funds for a technician to oversee and manage our spiny mouse work.
Effective start/end date11/1/21 → 10/31/24


  • California Institute of Technology: $1,199,998.00


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