Health Care and Other Facilities: Nursing Building Student Space Fit-up

  • Howard, Patricia (PI)
  • Kirschling, Jane (Former PI)

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The proposed project will renovate UK's College of Nursing Building. located at 751 Rose Street, Lexington. Kentucky. This renovation is needed to support growth in the nursing student body in response to the evolving nursing shortage. both nationally and in Kentucky. Renovating and upgrading will involve the following: I. creation of a 2.880 square foot undergraduate nursing student study center on the }'d floor: 2. provision of heating and air conditioning to an 830 square foot food service seating area on the 3,d floor. which is adjacent to the undergraduate nursing student study center; 3. expansion of the graduate nursing student study center on the 51n floor to 678 square feet to enhance the environmcnt for group study purposes; 4. renovation of bathrooms on the 410 and 510 floors to ensure they are ADA compliant; and 5. upgrading the data technology infrastructure on floors \ through 5 to include CA T6 wiring and digital data switches to optimize use of technology and simulation in the nursing curriculum. In addition to renovation. furnishings and movable equipment will be purchased for these areas. The student study centers will have moveable furniture so that students can work individually or in small groups. This concept is working well in other areas on campus. In addition. the student study centers will include wireless connectivity to support laptop use. I. Enclose and Fit-up Approximately 2,880 Square Feet of Outdoor Patio Space fi)r an Undergraduate Nursing Student Study Center. The outdoor patio is located on the 3rd floor of the College of Nursing Building. The patio area is covered by the building structure above. The work will include enclosing the space with energy efficient windows and insulating the existing concrete parapet wall with steel studs and spray foam insulation. Interior walls will be constructed with steel studs, sound insulation. and gypsum board. The space will be finished with solid wood doors, hollow metal framcs. a suspended ceiling, painted gypsum board, and carpet. A new energy efficient HV AC system will be installed to provide heating, cooling and ventilation. Electrical work will include new energy efficient lighting and necessary outlets. Data cable will be installed along with wireless data units. 2. Renovate Approximately 830 Square Feet of a Food Service Seating Area. The food service seating area is also located on the 3rd floor. It is a semi-enclosed patio space that will be fully enclosed to provide comfortable year-round seating for student dining. The space is currently enclosed with single-pane storefront glass and is not heated or cooled. A small exhaust fan provides minimal ventilation. The existing enclosure will be replaced with energy efficient windows and the existing concrete parapet wall will be insulated with steel studs and spray foam insulation. The work will include a new suspended ceiling with energy efficient lights. Heating and cooling will be provided from the new HV AC unit being installed for the undergraduate nursing student study space. 3. Expand the Graduate Student Study Center. The graduate student study space is located on the 5'1, floor. The space will be expanded to approximately 678 square feet and renovated to meet the needs of the graduate students. The space will receive new finishes including a suspended ceiling. new energy efficient lighting, painted gypsum board. and carpet. Windows will be installed along the corridor to provide borrowed light. safety, and a welcoming atmosphere. Data ports and wireless units will be installed. 4. Renovate the 4th and 5th Floor Restrooms. The work in the restrooms will include the upgrade to meet current ADA requirements. The restrooms will receive new ceramic tile floor and walls. suspended ceilings. energy efficient lighting, new stall partitions. fixtures. sinks. and countertops. The new fixtures will be water saving units with auto flush valves. 5. Upgrade the Data Technology Infrastructure. The College of Nursing Building data technology infrastructure will be upgraded on floors one through five. The work will include new CAT6 Cabling and new high speed digital data switches. A new uninterrupted power supply (UPS) will be installed in the fifth floor communication closet.
Effective start/end date8/1/0912/31/13


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