Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Center

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The University of Kentucky Prevention Research Center (UK PRC) was funded in October 2000 and is in its third year of conducting programmatic and research activities. The UK PRC research theme is "Controlling cancer in Appalachian Kentucky: Defining the problem, designing interventions, and measuring impact." The Appalachian region of Kentucky includes 51 counties in eastern Kentucky designated by the Appalachian Regional Commission. The UK PRC continues to expand its inftastructure, increase and sustain collaborative community partnerships, promote research partnerships with academic departments and cancer control programs, and conduct community-based participatory research. Through an intensive strategic planning process in Year Two, the UK PRC developed a series of logic models that provided a process and outcome approach to our eight PRC goals. These logic models have shaped our work plan for Year Three and we will continue this approach during the cost extension period of Year Four. The work plan for Year Four is summarized by goals and objectives/activities.
Effective start/end date9/30/009/29/05


  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: $1,846,224.00


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