Healthy Eating and Active Living to Reduce Rural Obesity Through Extension

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Research to date has shown that rural communities face greater barriers to healthy eating and being physically active, which contributes to higher rates of obesity and chronic disease compared with their urban counterparts (1, 2). To date, rural communities still face a greater burden with regards to higher rates of obesity relative to their urban counterparts(2). Community-based efforts focused on modifying aspects of the built environment that are unique to rural communities, such as improved access to physical activity resources and venues selling healthy and affordable food, are needed to advance sustainable solutions that improve dietary and health outcomes. Yet, there remain many barriers to improving dietary habits in these often neglected communities. Our project team in year 1 has begun efforts around Cooperative Extension Faithful Families programming in two faith based organizations in Martin County. During June-August of year 1 Power of Produce events will take place in various locations within Martin Co. In addition, there have been great efforts at improving trail access and connectivity with an improvement in signage to promote Story Walks in collaboration with the library. The study team continues collaborations with School Districts, Public Health, parks and recreation, farmers and farm market managers, and other key stakeholders. These collaborations will lead to expanding farmers drop off and voucher programs at Food Banks, schools, and other key locations to reach underserved families. In addition, there is continued effort in year 2 to address transportation as a barrier to purchasing fruits and vegetables which will be addressed through mobile carts. From a systems level view our study team will continue to address an overall strategy of how to improve walkability to destinations, improvement in food service guidelines, and food access. We will continue to use a community-based participatory model, with a coalition and groups of stakeholders selecting the best, evidence-based ways to improve access to healthy eating and active living in Martin County in McCreary county. Outcomes: As described in the RFA this study team plans to address the outcomes listed but also to provide a detailed description of outcomes related to our site specific proposal. Short-term outcomes: *Demonstrated progress on activities to increase access to healthier foods *Demonstrated progress on activities to connect safe and accessible places for physical activity Intermediate outcomes: *Increased access to places that provide healthier foods *Increased access to safe and accessible places for physical activity Long-term outcomes: *Increased purchasing of healthier foods *Increased physical activity with an emphasis on walking and biking
Effective start/end date9/30/189/29/22


  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: $691,786.00


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