Healthy Trees - Healthy People

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Access to nature improves physical activity and quality of life of urban populations. Evidence is mounting that people enjoy greater emotional and physical health benefits when they have greater access to nature, and nature itself is a motivator for engaging in physical activity. Trees are an essential component of urban nature, creating a vibrant aesthetic, contributing critical ecosystem services, and promoting an active, engaged community. However, tree canopy coverage in many Kentucky communities is below the recommended 40%, and Kentucky ranks very low nationally for several human health metrics, many of which are linked to physical inactivity. In spite of their clear benefits, which includes enhancing physical and emotional well-being, urban trees also create a refuge for non-native, potentially invasive, insect pests and pathogens which threaten food and fiber production. We plan to create a 'Healthy Trees - Healthy People' Tool to increase physical activity and improve the health of users and the health of urban trees, by providing infrastructure to expand public interest in the urban tree canopy. Our tool will enhance engagement with the urban tree canopy and increase physical activity of participants, while improving tree health through tree health assessments and pest detection. Protecting and engaging with our urban forests is key to enhancing their contributions, including those that provide health benefits to humans. Outreach and education deliverables include maps of active fitness walks focusing on urban trees, and surveys evaluating human health, knowledge of tree health, and invasive species.
Effective start/end date4/1/173/31/18


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $34,396.00


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