Helping Artisans Reach Global Markets Expansion - SRDC eCommerce Extension Initiative

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The National eCommerce Extension Initiative has been instrumental in bringing research based information and resources to rural residents seeking to run their business in a global market. One of the strengths of the initiative has been to develop content for targeted small business owners; in particular for artisans/crafters. Our work at the University of Kentucky over the past three years on a project called "Enhancing the Marketing Skills of Eastern Kentucky Artisans", or EMSEKA, also seeks to provide research based information and resources to artisans/crafters looking to sell their work both locally and online. The goal of this project is to enhance and expand the existing artisan module of the eCommerce curricula with the work from EMSEKA; two particular areas include working with social media, and understanding how to use trends and niche markets to sell your product. After piloting our own EMSEKA program materials, we are aware of the gaps in our current materials that could be filled to further support artisans/crafters looking to reach global markets.
Effective start/end date1/1/148/31/14


  • Mississippi State University: $12,580.00


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