High Bandwidth Network Connection to Support Health Care Delivery and Critical Clinical and Biomedical Research

  • Tracy, James (PI)

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* Project Title: High Bandwidth Network Connection to Support Health Care Delivery and Critical Clinical and Biomedical Research in Central and Eastern Kentucky * Applicant Name: University of Kentucky Research Foundation * Address: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506 * Contact Phone Numbers: 859-257-1663 @h); 859-323-2800 (fax) * E-Mail Address: jtracy~email.uky. edu * Web Site Address: http://www.uky.edu! Internet2 is the most advanced network in the country. Recent grades make this network ten times faster than the original. In 2007, Louisville, Kentucky was designated as one of the 26 national access points on Internet2's new network known as NewNet. In collaboration with the University of Louisville and Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (KCPE), the University of Kentucky (UK) developed a Kentucky regional optical network (KyRON), which was necessary to qua1if~' for the connection to the NewNet access point in Louisville. KPCE has already established the initial required 10-gigabit (1 OG) production network connection. UK will use the HRSA grant to establish the required complementary lOG research network connection. UK's objective for establishing the lOG connection is to address the following four major needs of the citizens of Kentucky: 1. Health Care Delivery: UK needs enhanced networked connections to rural hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers throughout Eastem and South Central Kentucky. The volume of medical information and images needed to be sent electronically cannot easily be handled by conventional Internet connections. 2. Medical Education: With the projected serious shortage of health professionals in Kentucky's Appalachian region, the NewNet network will enable UK's Medical Center Colleges to deliver long-distance health care education programs to future health care professionals. According to HRSA, more than two-thirds of Kentucky's counties have been officially designated as health professional shortage areas for primary care. 3. Translation of Research Findings to Health Care Practice: The emergence of new research paradigms cutting across traditional basic, clinical, and translational science disciplines mandate significantly enhanced levels of data integration and the strategically developed bioinformatics architecture and associated processes to manage it. UK' s Center for Clinical and Translational Science will promote the circularity of research translation - from bench to bedside and back again - placing new and differing demands on existing translational technologies. 4. Medical Research: Clinical and biomedical researchers at UK also have a need for NewNet access. They will be eligible to apply for advanced research grants that require access and will also be able to participate in and contribute effectively to national collaborative research projects. To achieve its objective, UK proposes to purchase a Seven Year Indefeasible Right to Use (IRU) the lOG fiber optic network, expand the campus lOG network, purchase of Campus Edge upgrades and upgrade NewNet from 1G to lOG. To accomplish this, UK must upgrade its campus edge routers, campus processors, the NewNet port access connections, and distribution switches.
Effective start/end date6/1/081/31/10


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