Higher Education Challenge Grant Obesity Food Insecurity Paradox

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Purpose of the program is to develop a comprehensive two course curriculum to examine the intersection between obesity, food insecurity and hunger. These two courses will expand upon the existing course of hunger, food behavior, and the environment within the department and broaden the discussion and examination of these complex issues among our audience of dietetics, human nutrition, and sustainable agriculture students. Products from the program will include a new curriculum developed across three courses focusing on the connection between obesity, food insecurity and hunger across the United States. The secondary product will be the development of a practicum for nutrition and dietetics students to work in an obesity clinic at the University of Kentucky to gain volunteer hours with physician assistants and medical residents. The outcomes of the curriculum will include 1) 50 students enrolled in each course by end of year 1; 2) 50 students will complete 50 shadow hours under a physician assistant at the adolescent obesity clinic on campus; 3) 50 service learning projects will be completed by students at Campus Kitchens and other hunger related programs in the community and on campus Project Goals include 1) the curriculum developed will examine the complex interaction between obesity, food insecurity and hunger as it pertains to populations in the United States; 2) the project will develop hands-on experience working with adolescents and adults who are experiencing the binary effects of hunger and obesity; 3) the service learning experiences will combine issues related to hunger, food insecurity and obesity within local communities and on-campus
Effective start/end date4/1/173/31/20


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $139,604.00


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