HIV Prevention Evaluation

  • Jones, Jeffery (PI)

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Over the twenty year span ofthe HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kentucky, prevention specialists and agencies in the Commonwealth have implemented a number of prevention programs. In the present day, social, medical, and technological changes continue to transform the epidemiology of HIV /AIDS, and thus require ever adapting prevention strategies. This study proposes to complement both these elements by documenting what has been done in Kentucky and by looking beyond the state for effective strategies not heretofore implemented in the Commonwealth: 1. Document Kentucky's historical and on-going response to HIV /AIDS including: • Reviewing changing trends in the epidemiological and demographic profiles of Kentuckians living with HIV/AIDS. • Cataloguing prior prevention programs statewide with an emphasis on methodology employed, population(s) targeted for intervention, and any existing evaluations of these programs. Synthesis of these programs to look for any trends regarding effective components of prevention programs in particular regions of the state. 2. Conduct an extensive review of prevention programming being offered in other states and countries. This review will provide an annotated listing of programs, sites implementing a program, any existing scientific evaluation ofthe program, and, where possible, recommendations for how such programming would compliment Kentucky's Statewide HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan.
Effective start/end date7/1/0412/31/04


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