Home Technology (Equipment & Utilities) Handbook

  • Badenhop, Suzanne (PI)

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A handbook is needed to provide up-to-date, reliable information on home appliances and related topics for professionals, such as Extension specialists and agents, high school and college teachers, product development specialists, safety and energy advisers, and journalists. The most recent authoritative book on the subject matter was published in 1982 (Garrison and Brasher, Modern Household Equipment) and is outdated. Members of the Association of Home Equipment Educators, recognized for their expertise on topics to be covered in the handbook, have agreed to contribute assigned sections. To be included is information on construction, selection, use, and maintenance of home appliances, with emphasis on safety, energy management, and use of related materials and other resources. The proposed handbook will be presented in a binder, which will permit easy replacement of sections at a moderate cost as necessary revisions are made in order to keep content current. Authors are given a set of instructions to follow in preparation of their manuscripts. The drafts will be edited by a team of specialists and formatted by a specialist in desktop publishing. Financial assistance is needed primarily to employ the professional in desktop publishing for assistance in formatting the book. In addition support will be needed for preparation of special illustrations, photocopying, postage and mailing, and miscellaneous supplies.
Effective start/end date7/1/0512/31/05


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