HorseQuest - National Equine Resource Team - Year 2, Part 1

  • Griffin, Ashley (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


HorseQuest members are dedicated to development and maintenance of eXtension equine resources with the continued update and addition of new materials by offering new learning experiences for the Community of Interest. Community of Practice members will continue to maintain, conduct, and enhance the following deliverables: Basic Information, Learning Lessons, FAQs, Ask an Expert, Hot Topics, Chats, Marketing and Promotion, Development, Evaluation of products and foster positive Partnerships. Managing a content development effort of this magnitude takes a committed membership and a strong leadership. The leadership of HorseQuest takes time and care to develop, engage, and retain contributing members. They have also had to deal with the growing pains of new volunteers, partnerships, and being pioneers of eXtension. This membership recognizes the importance of good management and looks to the lead and Co-PO to keep the team on track and accountable to deliverable timeIines as well as identify new opportunities for the community. Realizing that good management is essential, HorseQuest wishes to fund the Co-PO at 50% of Part 1 funding to manage day-to-day activities of the community as it relates to product development. To assist the lead and Co-PDs will be a part-time support hire housed at the lead institution for direct access to the CoP leader.
Effective start/end date10/1/066/30/08


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