How school districts influence the Quality of University-based principal leader preparations programs: an evaluation study

  • Browne-Ferrigno, Patricia (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Tricia Browne-Ferrigho, PhD, associate professor of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky, will serve as a Senior Researcher on this program evaluation project (1/1/08-5/31/09) funded by The Wallace Foundation. Her level of effort on this project is 40% annual nine-month salary (August 16-May 15). lIe work includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: * Attend face-to-face meetings of the research team as scheduled and participate in conference calls and other modes of electronic communication as required. * Work closely with members of the research team in the design of standard interview protocols and observation templates for use in data collection. * Make onsite visits to assigned leadership preparation programs to collect data via interviews and observations as required to conduct case studies. * Collaborate with members of the research team during all phases of data analysis. * Draft assigned case study reports of selected leadership preparation programs. * Assist research team with the preparation of products and reports as outlined in the proposal and requested by The Wallace Foundation. * Present findings about case studies and project at national conferences and meetings. To complete this work, Dr. Browne-Ferrigno will be required to travel outside Kentucky; all travel expenses will be paid grant fluids administered by Cheryl King, Phi), Co-PT and Project Director.
Effective start/end date12/13/075/31/09


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