How the tobacco buyout changing the sustainability of Kentucky farms - and how should extension programs change to respond?

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    The tobacco buyout is already dramatically affecting Kentucky's rural and farm economy. The demise of the program is affecting the level and distribution of incomes for farm families; impacting the geography of farming (marginal tobacco growing areas will probably lose the enterprise and its income); altering land use; changing demographics; and probably having impacts we have yet to identify. The bottom line is that the sustainability of Kentucky farms is being changed. The Ky. Agricultural Advisory Council (AAC) meets in mid January. A half day and evening of their program will be used to evaluate the consequence of the changing tobacco economy on the sustainability of agriculture in their counties and at the state level. Non-profit organizations and local governmental leaders will be included to identify impacts not readily apparent to the farmer members of the AAC or agents. The results of these discussions and the AAC's proposals will be used as input at sessions conducted during the February Extension Conference (for all extension agents, specialists and administrators). Agents will consider the impacts of the buyout, compare their findings to those of the AAC members and define an agenda of needs to respond effectively. This agenda will be integrated into Kentucky's SARE plan.
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