Hypertension, Intracranial Pulsatility and Brain A-Beta Accumulation in Older Adults

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In this project, Dr. Stowe will direct and oversee the blood and CSF sampling and collection procedures, and will be responsible for measurement of Aâ, tau, phosphorylated tau protein and inflammatory biomarkers. Dr. Stowe (Co-I) became an Associate Professor of Department of Neurology, University of Kentucky, Aug 2018, though her graduate student (Vanessa Torres) and research technician (Dr. Xiangmei Kong) remain at UTSW. As such, both UTSW employees continue their efforts on this grant under the supervision of Dr. Stowe, who will also be responsible for final data analysis, presentation of results, and publications.
Effective start/end date8/12/185/31/22


  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: $95,741.00


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