I-65 Jefferson County (128-132) In-Situ Pavment Evaluation, Federal Aid Research Task No. 177

  • Rister, Bradley (PI)

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This section of roadway was constructed in the late 1980's of 11-inch PCC pavement on 6 inches of base. The center lanes in each direction have exhibited mid-slab transverse cracking along with differential settlement relative to the adjacent lanes/shoulder. In addition, faulting of the transverse joints and at mid-slab cracks has also been observed. The causes of these distresses are not entirely known at this time. To assist in the evaluation of the rehabilitation alternatives, the Transportation Center will conduct a field evaluation to determine the in-situ pavement conditions. This investigation will include Falling Weight Deflectometer Testing, pavement coring and subgrade investigation, along with ground penetrating radar surveys.
Effective start/end date12/15/0812/31/09


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