I-Corps: PFI-RP: Development of a SMaRT (Sustainable Materials and Recovery Technologies) Process for the Recovery of High-Value Metals from Electronic Waste

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The proposal titled: “SMaRT (Sustainable Materials and Recovery Technologies) for E-waste” is a proposal to the NSF-PFI-RP solicitation for the express purpose of assisting in the commercialization of prior supported NSF work. In this proposal Lexmark is the commercialization partner tasked with assisting the PI bringing the technology to market. What is proposed is a novel ammonia based 2 stage leaching process utilizing leaching, solvent extraction, precipitation and electrowinning to recover copper, gold and other valuable elements from PCBAs (printed circuit boards) in an environmentally friendly manner. This is an extension of the longstanding relationship, funded work and collaboration with Lexmark and NSF by both Dr. Werner and Dr. Baderdeen. Over period of 36 months UK and Lexmark will work through customer discovery via the mandated NSF-ICorps program, mentor a PhD. candidate in the completion of research preparatory for commercialization and build a business case for investment and development. This project represents the steps which will be funded by NSF to bridge the gap between current research and commercialization of the technology we have licensed and are jointly developing with Lexmark.
Effective start/end date8/15/217/31/24


  • National Science Foundation


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