I-Corps: PFI-RP: Development of a SMaRT (Sustainable Materials and Recovery Technologies) Process for the Recovery of High-Value Metals from Electronic Waste

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Phase I Objective: investigate the safety and feasibility of Nivolumab in combination with Azacitidine given neo-adjuvantly and adjuvantly in subjects with recurrent, resectable osteosarcoma. Feasibility will be evaluated as the successful completion of preoperative treatment and proceeding to surgery without any extended treatment related delays defined as >50 days from preplanned Day 0 in this context. Phase II Primary Objective: Efficacy (EFS): determine if the combination of Azacitidine and Nivolumab, administered both neo-adjuvantly and adjuvantly, improve event free survival to 40% compared to the 20% 12-month historical control used for recurrent osteosarcoma studies in the Childrenfs Oncology Group. Phase II Secondary Objective: Efficacy (OS): assess overall survival in patients with recurrent, resectable osteosarcoma patients receiving neoadjuvant therapy. Exploratory Objectives: a) To determine changes in expression of selected immune markers compared to baseline, in the blood and metastatic tumor tissue from patients receiving neoadjuvant therapy; to determine changes in the quality and quantity of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes; and to compare findings in tumor specimens from treated patients to findings in an existing cohort of untreated patients on a companion tissue collection protocol. b) To explore the association between Nivolumab +/] Azacitidine exposure and selected pharmaco]dynamic markers in the peripheral blood and in the tumor microenvironment.
Effective start/end date8/15/217/31/24


  • National Science Foundation


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