i-Cow - A Cattle Management Tool for Today's Cattle Industry and an Electronic Portal for Education

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i-Cow is a multi-faceted, web-based app designed to help users: • collect, store, and analyze production data • search and stay updated on all relevant educational material and opportunities • connect with other users and businesses A web-based app allows for data flow between a hand-held device (phone), a tablet, a PC, and a database. The user signs up for i-Cow and uses a device (most likely a PC) to input baseline data for the operation (i.e. address, individual cow data, etc). This data populates the database which can be accessed using any device and a secure login. The data can be searched and simple reports generated for production analysis. All data will be owned by the individual and accessible only to the user. i-Cow will have three functionalities; data management, education, and community. The vision is to develop i-Cow DATA as a web-based record-keeping app that allows users to easily enter and retrieve multiple fields of data. Data is entered from the app on a device, but all data is stored in the cloud. The best method to describe i-Cow’s potential is to describe a user experience. A user is checking a pen of cows during calving. Cow 10 has sorted off and has calved. The cattleman pulls out his phone (iPhone or Android), clicks the i-Cow app and selects the calving task. The calving form appears, the user clicks the Cow ID and selects the cow (Cow 10) from the list. The user then clicks the date and any other data fields that the user wants to be record. If the user is done, they click submit and the most basic data is saved; Cow 10 calved today. A user could also enter the sex of the calf, calving ease score, birth weight, cow temperament and any comments. A user can record most necessary information instantly, easily, and permanently from their phone. Multiple users can access and enter the database simultaneously. Data can be collected for every aspects of beef production (calving, weaning, health, feeding, etc.) We could also include a forage management section. Simple and powerful reports will be generated and will provide the user the tools needed to manage efficiently and profitably. Currently, the industry lacks a simple management tool for data collection and management. A few are available BUT they lack the simplicity necessary for widespread use. i-Cow DATA is more than data management. Once a cattleman has signed up with i-Cow DATA, background information is collected on the farm/operation. Background information includes the number of cows/calves, goals of the operation, current management protocols, and handling facilities. We then prepare a detailed annual production plan that outlines short-, medium-, and long-term goals for the operation along with steps to achieve the goals. Once finalized, we help the cattleman implement the plan. A production calendar is developed and users receive text reminders/app notifications to help organize cattle handling events. For instance, 30 days before the breeding season a user is sent a text and an app notification reminding them to get a breeding soundness exam for their herd sires and included in the text/notification is a link to their local veterinarian’s office. Our plan is to provide personalized management advice to help our clientele improve their production efficiency and profitability.
Effective start/end date4/7/204/7/21


  • KY Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy: $200,000.00


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