IBI - Identifying Barriers to Link Justice Involved Individuals to Medicaid Services upon Release

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Statement of Work Dr. Jeff Talbert will serve as the technical lead. Utilizing the MODRN infrastructure, Dr. Talbert will explore how states identify and link newly released incarcerated individuals with behavioral health conditions to Medicaid programs to ensure access to health services, including evidence- based treatment in local communities. In his research capacity to the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC)/Identifying Barriers to Link Justice Involved Individuals to Medicaid Upon Release, he will oversee state-specific analyses on contractor’s state Medicaid and corrections data as a project participant. Scope of Work: Aim 1 & 2 - Participating on internal project team and MACPAC project management calls; - Develop two semi-structured discussion guides; - Lead interviews with Medicaid and corrections stakeholders; and - Assist in synthesis of findings and drafting of memo. Aim 3 - Leading monthly methods core calls; - Advising on coding and data protocols that project’s participating state researchers will be adopting for their own state-specific data analyses; - Assisting in communicating with contractor’s state Medicaid project representatives; - Conducting analyses on contractor’s state Medicaid data and report results to project coordinators; and - Assisting in synthesis of data and drafting of chartbook.
Effective start/end date3/1/219/30/22


  • AcademyHealth: $81,331.00


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