Identification and Analysis of Crash Locations RS-04-01

  • Agent, Kenneth (PI)
  • Pigman, Jerry (CoI)

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It is proposed that a five year analysis of traffic crash data in Kentucky be made. Such analysis will provide timely and historic data that will be used in identifying locations in the state that can benefit from highway safety program that may reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes occurring statewide. This will give the Governor's Highway safety Program the required tools to consider what type of program would best serve an area and also to review requested programs to ascertain if they lead toward a reduction in the number and severity of traffic crashes in each area. A further benefit will be that this report will assist all agencies in obtaining the average traffic crash rates and numbers beneficial to each in a single document. An additional benefit to the state will be achieved by the University of Kentucky's Transportation Center (UKTRC) preparation of the annual "Traffic Accident Facts" book for the Kentucky State Police. Since the UKTRC uses statistical data compiled by the KSP as part of the identification process, it will be easy to produce the "Facts" document at the same time. This will eliminate the possibility of having conflicting data released to the public and to the press, thus ending the confusion that has existed in past years.
Effective start/end date10/1/039/30/04


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