Identifying Indicators Driving Hospital's Investment in and Interaction with Public Health Systems to inform Such Efforts by States and Communities

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Dr. Rachel Hogg is well trained in practice-focused research and analytics relevant to the project. Her research focuses on public health system organization and composition, interorganizational relationships, and efficiency analysis in public health service delivery. She has had previous research examining hospital participation in public health systems selected for podium presentations at national meetings that include AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting and the APHA Annual Meeting. Hogg graduated from Transylvania University with an undergraduate degree in history, and received her M.A. in history and Dr.P.H. in health services management from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Hogg will be responsible for the PARTNER data set, including cleaning and analyzing variables, and she will also be in charge of the effort to collect data for the indicator data and will work with the team in the analysis stage. All pieces of Dr. Hogg’s work will be extremely important to meetings the research aims of the project. Dr. Hogg’s deliverables will be woven during the entire project duration and will not end until the official project end date of February 2017. These deliverables will need to be flexible and will be decided by PI Dr. Danielle Varda, who will be the party at UCD who knows when and what products are completed. However, they will fit the following goals and timeline: AIM 1 (Months 1- 6): Develop a conceptual framework that identifies hypothesized indicators of increased Hospital interaction and investment in public health systems. AIM 2 (Months 6-12): Create a database by merging available indicator data for hospitals. AIM 3 (Months12-18): Analyze relationships between the indicators and data on 2 outcomes: hospital interaction with PH systems (PARTNER data) and hospital investment in PH systems (990 Schedule H data). Determine which indicators explain increased hospital interaction and investment in public health systems. AIM 4 (Months 18- 20): Revise the conceptual framework to highlight those indicators that are identified as significant in Aim 3 analysis. AIM 5 (Months 20-24): Develop a codebook for the data we used for future research efforts.
Effective start/end date8/1/151/31/17


  • University of Colorado: $54,632.00


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