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This proposal is to support the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services in its implementation and training of the Illinois-Medicaid Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (IM-CANS+) tool as an assessment and program evaluation outcomes tool used by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IL HFS), and IL HFS managed care providers. The following steps are proposed in the use of the Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) framework for this process. 1. IM-CANS Implementation consultation, planning, and ongoing implementation support: Dr. Fernando and her team will support IL HFS in its implementation and roll-out of the IM-CANS+ to IL HFS, and IL HFS managed care providers. Consultation and support will include enhancing implementation expertise of IM-CANS+ within the leadership, the IM-CANS+ implementation team, and IM-CANS+ certified trainers. Additional consultation and technical assistance will be provided as needed. Deliverables: • Support and technical assistance to IM-CANS+ Implementation Team through monthly meetings (in-person or phone) (Fernando, A.; Staff TBH) • Regular coaching and support to IM-CANS+ Certified TrainersGeneral consultation and technical assistance on IM-CANS+ implementation tasks (Staff TBH) • Access to and helpdesk support (Dicus, J.) 2. Algorithm and Decision Support Development. Provide technical assistance and analytics to design initial decision support models for level of care, intensity of intervention/case management, specific referral to programs and services. Action steps include algorithm development and testing (data cleaning, analysis and reporting). Deliverables: • IL HFS decision support models • Test and report on the reliability and validity of the decision support algorithms in practice in Illinois • Revise and evolve the decision support algorithms based on system experience and analytics 3. Precision Analytics. Assist with the development and interpretation of data analytics obtained from the IM-CANS+ tool to inform behavioral health policy throughout the contract and any renewal periods 4. Travel expenses: $20,644.00 5. Training Supplies (includes printing, shipping): $7,742.00
Effective start/end date9/30/206/30/26


  • Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services: $1,028,809.00


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