Illinois Basin Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Minerals (IB-CORE-CM) Initiative

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The objectives the proposed research center are to evaluate Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Mineral (CORE-CM) resources in the Illinois Basin (IB) associated with coal, coal-based resources and waste streams, and to assess mining techniques, separation technologies, and potential use of CORE-CM to reduce U.S. dependence on CORE-CM imports. These objectives will further address regional demand for CORE-CM, promote economic growth, and advance a carbon-based products industry in the IB. Specifically, University of Kentucky researchers associated with the Mining Engineering Department and the Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) will oversee the efforts associated with Task 5.0: Technology Assessment, Development and Field Testing Deliverable – Initial Technology Assessment and Field Development Plan. The effort will involve conducting a technology gap analysis for the production of carbon materials, rare earth elements and other critical materials from coal-based sources which include natural coal seam sources, coarse and fine refuse, acid mine drainage and combustion by-products. After identifying the technology gaps, a strategic plan with be developed that will be used as a guide to eliminate the gaps, thereby, providing a technical and economic pathway to commercial viability.
Effective start/end date9/21/215/31/24


  • Illinois State Geological Survey: $296,534.00


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