ILSSA New Hampshire EAG

  • Wickham, Donna (PI)
  • Cooledge, Jocelyn (CoI)
  • Kearns, Jacqueline (Former PI)

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We have designed the proiect to include simultaneous research, technical assistance, and evaluation functions Because ouccore proiectobiectives and activities focus on developing prototypical products and processes and svstematically testing their value, the evaluation plan will not duplicate those activities. These parallel processes are noted throughout the body of this proposal. Given the complexitv and challenging time line of this collaborative proiect. our plan focuses on the integrity of work plan. product review, and participant perception and satisfaction. The evaluator. Elizabeth Towles-Reeves (see vita in Appendix ACt will partner with the proiect director and coordinators in monitorinj!. and reportingto formativelv monitor and report of activities in a formative role. She will document results and effectiveness in a summative role. The primarv evaluation questions are shown in Table 9. TheEvaluation questions (Table 9) will be answered with data sources, including: interviews with stakeholders for each obiective, proiect timelines, external reviewers, satisfaction survey, and proieet report documentation.
Effective start/end date12/12/065/31/07


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