Imperfect Architected Metamaterials: Multiscale Uncertainty Quantification and Mechanics Analysis

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Imperfect Architected Metamaterials: Multiscale Uncertainty Quanti?cation and Mechanics Analysis Xingsheng Sun Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Kentucky Abstract Architected materials exhibit unprecedented mechanical performance for applications such as energy absorption and acoustic transportation but limited research has been carried out on how material imperfections propagate through the hierarchical architecture. The objective of this one-year Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards project is to quantify the e?ects of geometric and material uncertainties at low scales on the overall mechanical performance of the lattice materials. The project will start with developing a highly compu- tationally e?cient ?nite element model for octet-truss lattice materials. The model will be able to determine the e?ective mechanical properties of the metamaterials, e.g., compliances and collapse surfaces, depending upon the material properties of each individual strut, e.g., bulking stress and cross-sectional area. Then this model will be coupled with a non-intrusive, high-performance multiscale uncertainty quanti?cation (UQ) framework recently developed by the PI. This project will identify the worst-case combinations of imperfect properties, and then unveil the propagation paths of the material uncertainties across length scales from individual struts to the entire metamaterials. 1
Effective start/end date6/1/235/31/24


  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities: $5,000.00


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