Implementation of a comprehensive online and open access database for the evaluation of soybean performance in Kentucky

  • Venard, Claire (PI)

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The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Tests are conducted to provide an unbiased and objective estimate of the relative yield performance of soybean varieties grown in Kentucky. Over 200 soybean varieties in the maturity groups II, III, IV, and V are expected to be entered in the 2018 tests by soybean growers, commercial companies and federal institutions. Performance of soybean cultivars is affected by many factors including location, weather pattern over the course of the growing season, soil type, time of planting, and agronomic management. A particular variety is usually adapted for a geographical area approximately 100 miles wide from north to south. Therefore, the best varieties in northern Kentucky may not be the best in southern parts of the state. For these reasons, the tests are conducted at 8 locations in the major soybean producing areas of Kentucky. The project leader with the help of a technician oversees all steps of soybean production and data collection. In addition, the technician operates and maintains plot research equipment. This will likely result in the timely release of the “2018 Soybean Variety Performance Tests” comprehensive report by early December. The objective of the program is to provide this publication at a time when soybean producers in Kentucky need independent resources to help them select the best soybean varieties for their production systems. The bulletin can be downloaded from the program website, and is also available as printed copies at the University of Kentucky Extension Offices. In addition to providing strong support to the Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Tests, this project will implement the development of an online and open access database. The significance of data generated by the program is statistically analyzed. The report and data generated by the KY Soybean Variety Performance Tests program will be useful to soybean producers, seed breeders, scientists, and federal institutions.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


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