Implementation of Effective Home Oxygen Weaning Strategies in Premature Infants

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As a site co-investigator, Dr. Abu Jawdeh will provide all necessary services; qualified professional, technical, and administrative personnel to perform the tasks set forth below. The overall objective implements recorded home oximetry (RHO) into standard clinical practice to manage home oxygen in former premature infants across 12 centers. He will fulfill all the program procedures as described in the grant application and program protocol. Specifically, Dr. Abu Jawdeh and his colleagues will manage home oxygen therapy in former premature infants attending NICU follow up and complex care clinic. He will (a) identify patients eligible for the program at time of neonatal intensive care unit discharge, (b) insure that they receive proper home oxygen therapy monitors and equipment, (d) follow the set RHO algorithm in determining increase, decrease or maintain of oxygen flow rates for his patients and (e) perform all program-related patient assessments (nutritional, respiratory, and other adverse events) as outlined in the protocol. Dr. Abu Jawdeh will ensure the safe, secure, and accurate entry of all study-related data elements. All data will be kept securely to maximize confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines.
Effective start/end date2/1/217/31/24


  • University of Massachusetts: $16,103.00


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