Implementation of Modular, Fast, Direct Tools for Computational Electromagnetic Analysis

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This contract provides for consultation and code development to integrate a library of modular, fast, direct (MFD) computational electromagnetic (CEM) tools into ElGER (Electromagnetic Interactions GEneRalized), which is used by NASA for antenna modeling and analysis. The proposed CEM tool will be based on a new organizing principle that represents general electromagnetic solution operators in a complete basis of localized modes, referred to as LOGOS modes (local-global solution modes), that satisfy global boundary conditions. The features to be added will extend the current capabilities ofEIGER in handling large-scale electromagnetic simulations required by NASA. Current fast methods used by EIGER rely on iterative matrix solution techniques, which depend heavily on preconditioners to reduce the iteration count. However, finding a general preconditioner that works for a wide variety of real-world, complex problems is a difficult challenge. The MFD tools based on LOGOS modes circumvent this problem because they are based on direct solvers. An additional advantage of direct solvers is the ability to solve a problem with multiple excitations (i.e. multiple right-hand sides) with a minimal computational cost once the matrix has been factored.
Effective start/end date3/20/074/1/08


  • Lyndon B Johnson Space Center: $50,000.00


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