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The overarching goal of this application is to develop a sustained research collaboration in cancer precision medicine between Markey Cancer Center (MCC) and Tata Memorial. Objectives 1. To train an interprofessional team of investigators in precision medicine and precision medicine translational research. 2. To establish a research collaboration and activate a MCC ongoing prospective cohort study at Tata. 3. To develop investigator initiated joint research projects related to cancer precision medicine between Tata and MCC. Participants: We propose to train a team of four individuals; a medical oncologist, pathologist, epidemiologist, and pharmacologist experienced in genomics. These investigators will be junior faculty at Tata, who have completed their terminal degree, but have not established independent careers. Applicants will be recruited by Dr. Dikshit, a senior, established faculty member at Tata. Dr. Dikshit will conduct an internal application process, where interested individuals will submit CVs and a 1 page description of career goals. A selection committee made up of MCC and Tata participating faculty and will make the final selections. Primary selection criteria will be experience, carreer plans consist with cancer precision medicine and diversity.
Effective start/end date7/20/205/31/22


  • CRDF Global: $19,740.00


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