Implementing parent sex education programming in Clark County workplaces

  • Mark, Kristen (PI)

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Implementing Parent Sex Education Programming in Clark County Workplaces Submitted to Clark County Community Foundation Abstract Teen birth rates in KY have dropped to an all-time low since 2005 from 47 to 43 (2011) per 1,000 females age 15 – 19, however it remains higher than the national rate of 31.3. Clark County’s teen birthrate in 2011 was 56.5, higher than all other counties surrounding and including Fayette County. Roughly 50% of high school students in the U.S. are sexually experienced and roughly half of those youth reporting not using a condom during last intercourse. Roughly 25% of high school students report using hormonal contraceptives. Sexually active teens who do not use contraception have a 90% chance of becoming pregnant in one year. Clark County is considered a high incidence area for the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, with well over half of all chlamydia cases occurring in young people ages 15 – 24. “Talking Parents, Healthy Teens” is an education series designed for worksite wellness programming to promote parent-child communication about sexual health. It is a part of a comprehensive worksite wellness approach that acknowledges a worker’s health and job performance being affected by social and family factors, among many others beyond direct occupational factors. Providing parent education programming in the workplace is an innovative approach to meet people where they are and provide meaningful learning opportunities. “Talking Parents, Healthy Teens” was originally delivered in 13 worksites in California and the results indicate a significant increase in parent-child sexual health communication related to participation in programming. Research indicates children prefer their parents as their sexuality educators and parent-child communication is related to less risky sexual behaviors and better sexual health outcomes for children. The proposed study will involve eight weekly one-hour sessions and a one-on-one video role play session for skill practice and facilitator feedback. These sessions will focus on building parents’ comfort and confidence for talking with their children about sexual health through skill building and practice. Participants of the program (n = 50) will fill out a pre-program survey and two post-program surveys (1 week post and 3 months post). Additionally a control group (n = 50) will be recruited to fill out the same three surveys to provide a comparison. The primary outcomes will include parent-child communication about sexual health and relationship topics, specific skill-set education, ability to communicate with child about sex, and the openness to communication about sex. The Clark County Community Foundation is committed to the betterment of the individuals and families who live, learn, work, and play in Clark County. Your decision to fund this innovative research project will provide me the opportunity to share your vision and my time and talent with our community for the intention of improving and enriching it.
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