Impoving Retention in Care, Adherence and HIV Prevention Behaviors of Minorities with HIV through Medication Therapy Management of HIV Disease in Community Pharmacies

  • Cardarelli, Roberto (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


SCOPE OF WORK YEAR 1 Review and provide recommendations based on the clinical and primary care aspects of materials developed for and from the HealthHIV study. YEAR 2 Participate during invited conference calls and provide feedback and expert knowledge on the clinical and primary aspects of the HealthHIV study. YEAR 3 continues to participate in award team conference calls, project team calls, contribute to tool refinement, data interpretation, and model adjustment. Continues to provide a critical element to the team as a primary care physician with extensive experience in communicating with pharmacies as well as the management and care of HIV infected patients in both rural and urban setting and his input into refinement of tools and communication capturing in year 3.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/29/16


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