Improve Technical Education program through Family and Consumer Sciences Education Preservice Program

  • Ellington, Virginia (PI)

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This project is requested to improve the Family and Consumer Sciences/Career and T~nlCai Educational .. program at this university through comprehensive current and state-of-the-art professIOnal development for the teacher educators. These instructional programs will focus on, but not limited to, using af variety of approaches to enhance learning of all students including those with special needs, using technology as a teaching tool, promoting development of effective teaching strategies and skills based on research, strategies for involving the community and parents in technical programs, and strengthening the integration of academic and technical education. Students in the teacher education program, both undergraduate and graduate levels, will be surveyed as to their needs. Professional development will be identified from the surveys in a cooperative effort with the Kentucky Department of Education personnel the UK Agriculture faculty, and with teachers in the field. The main focus will be on faculty development and travel to professional development meetings and conferences as key components. Funding from this grant will provide opportunities to attend current research sessions on a variety of topics: incorporating a variety of approaches to learning, implementing effective teaching skills, involveing all students in the classroom, and teaching a diverse population. These national, regional and state-wide professional development opportunities will strengthen the faculty's knowledge base and advance Career and Technical Education and Family and Consumer Sciences to those pre-service teachers and inservice teachers for which they serve. Meetings to be included, but not limited to, are ACTE, AAFCS, FCCLA, at national and state and regional levels, and others related to the program. Technology (PowerPoint, website design, electronic portfolios and WebQuest will be utilized for Famly and Consumer Sciences students, as well as other CTE students in the teacher education programs. Use of technology will nenhance efforts to deliver content and in communicating to student, parents, businesses and local community about their programs. Training on technology integration, us of Power Point, electronic portfolios, data bases, etc. supports the New and Experienced Teacher Standards-"Demonstrates Implementation of Technology." Inservice and preservice teachers need assistance in assessment strategies, aligning curriculum and developing standards based units of study and these will be implemented as part of this grant. The UK Techer Education Program will implement the project of reading in the community and local schools to reinvorce basic academic skills to improve CATS assessment performance. They will also work on strategies to strengthen math and sciences skills of students in the secondary schools.
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


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