Improved Corn Planting Equipment for Cover Crop Research

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Dr. Poffenbarger and I both conduct research trials with corn following cover crops. However, our cover crop research is hampered by lack of equipment to plant into heavy residue, and into residue from cover crop mixtures. Our current planters either have no row cleaners or ineffective residue slicers. The row cleaners must be set aggressively to move residue, and create a wide disturbed area in the furrow (Figure 1). This is not ideal for no-till work; we lose the weed-suppressive ability of the residues and disturbance changes the nutrient dynamics. We would like to request funds to outfit a planter with “slicing” units from Pequea Planters (Figure 2). These units are not row cleaners per se, but rather firmly hold residue in place and, with a sharp disk, slice through the residue. They are mounted on a tool bar immediately in front of the planter units. Thus, rather than creating a wide disturbed area, they slice through residue and provide a slit for emerging plants. These units are used with great success by researchers at North Carolina State University and Pennsylvania State University who are working on organic systems. They need intact residue right up to the crop rows to maintain weed suppression, and also require good crop stands to ensure crop competition helps to manage weeds.
Effective start/end date2/1/195/1/20


  • Kentucky Corn Growers Association: $4,000.00


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